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A Bright Future With Darryl

At commencement, [speaker and Juilliard alumna and trustee] Laura Linney (Group 19) rightfully encouraged our graduating students to thank the faculty at Juilliard for their guidance, and the faculty to thank the students for the countless gifts given to them. But I would extend that suggestion of giving thanks to the whole community as I would like to acknowledge a faculty member who provided me with a bright future when everything else I tried failed: Darryl Quinton. 

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Juilliard hosts a remarkable variety of individual talents, but many people also have struggles—my own quiet battle is with a thyroid disorder. While thyroid disease causes many changes to the physical and emotional state, weight gain is one of the most challenging side effects. For years I had been regularly going to the gym and eating healthy, yet my doctor’s scale always frowned at me and I suffered from depression because of a lack of results after tireless weight-loss efforts.

Darryl, a member of the Drama Division faculty who specializes in movement, combines aerobics, dance, boxing, and Pilates to create a fun and challenging workout class open to anyone willing to put forth the effort. After a friend told me about it, I started attending and after just a few classes, I began to feel better. Some days were easier, and I found myself singing along to the music. Other days were a bit of a fight, but Darryl’s encouragement got me through to the end. His skills and techniques helped me to start slimming down as I had never done before with any of the other exercise regimens. I felt healthier physically and emotionally.

Anyone who has taken Darryl’s class—students and staff alike—can tell you of its positive effects. Anyone who has met Darryl is thankful for the opportunity of getting to know him. Anyone who hasn’t met him can get a sense of who he is by seeing people’s smiles as people they stream out of his class.

So let’s thank Darryl Quinton, whether because our lives have been personally touched by him or because of the way he has contributed to the Juilliard community.

Juilliard staff member who asked to remain anonymous
Submitted online.

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