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If you could choose a celebrity to be your roommate, who would it be?


Sarah Jessica Parker, because she has a fantastic sense of style and would keep the apartment clean.
Amelia Sturt-Dilly, Third-Year Dancer


Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo
I’d like to live with Hugh Grant. He has a sexy English accent and a great sense of humor. Living with him would bring out my English heritage—and it would be fun.
Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo, Second-Year Master’s Violinist, Historical Performance

Andre Prouty
If I were going to have a celebrity roommate, I’d want it to be Chris Hadfield. He’s an astronaut who was recently on the international space station, so we’d be roommates in space.
Andre Prouty, Second-Year Bass Trombonist

Corey John-Snide
Johnny Depp, because I think he is incredibly talented and I want to know how he did it.
Corey John Snide, Third-Year Dancer

Mariko Shimasaki
Definitely Ellen DeGeneres. I see her as a very kind individual with an incredibly positive attitude, which influences me to be a better person. Ellen makes my day and I would like to do the same by incorporating that positive attitude into my music or just in daily conversation. Plus, she’s the funniest person alive!
Mariko Shimasaki, First-Year Violinist

Brian Wendel
I’d probably room with James Franco. After a year or so, I’d end up with a whole other degree as a result of hearing him obsess over earning his own.
Brian Wendel, First-Year Trombonist

Alex Breaux
Jimmy Fallon, because I would get to meet the guests and musicians he has on his show and we could have lip-sync contests to pop music and eat pizza and dance.
Alex Breaux, Fourth-Year Actor

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