Student Common Hour to Be Held Wednesdays

This fall the Student Council celebrates its biggest achievement to date since it was revived in 2009, the Common Hour.  

The Common Hour


Starting September 4, every Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m., music students, first- and second-year actors, and dancers (most of the time) will have a free hour during which no classes are scheduled. Everyone is encouraged to use the time to take a break from the practice rooms or rehearsal studios and cultivate other interests—which, for example, could mean joining the Juilliard Chess Club, refining a résumé with Career Services, producing a cross-divisional collaboration, or partaking in outreach projects with ARTreach or other student groups.

This project has been in the works since the spring of 2011, when it was proposed as a solution to the ongoing question of how Juilliard students can become involved in extracurricular activities while allotting significant time to our demanding academic and artistic calendars. Once the Student Council had surveyed the student body about their involvement and interest in non-artistic activities at school, it became clear that most students wanted to be involved, but that managing their valuable time was a primary concern. 

Armed with this information, the council came up with the idea of a common hour. President Joseph W. Polisi and Dean Ara Guzelimian were enthusiastic, but we all could foresee lots of complications, such as juggling each division’s schedules, adjusting private lesson times, etc. But fast-forward 16 months, and with the support of the Administrative Council, and the work of Vice President Joan D. Warren, who oversees enrollment management and student development, and the Registrar’s Office, the Common Hour has been built into students’ schedules this fall.

On behalf of the council, I would like invite the Juilliard community to our inaugural Student Council Community Meeting during the Common Hour in early October. Details for the meeting and other Common Hour events will be updated on the electronic boards by the first floor and street level elevator banks. The Student Council always welcomes questions and comments either in person during our as-yet-unscheduled Open Booth Hours, or at StudentCouncil@juilliard.edu

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year—we look forward to seeing everyone during the Common Hour!

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