Juilliard Globe-al: Shakespearean Music

Alums Priscilla Herreid and Sam Budish, who are performing in the Broadway repertory productions of Richard III and Twelfth Night, are pictured with fellow musician Arngeir Hauksson (right).

 (Photo by Joan Marcus)

The goal for the acclaimed repertory productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III currently on Broadway (at the Belasco through February 16, 2014) was as much authenticity as possible. So the stage is illuminated by candle-filled chandeliers, individually lit by stagehands. There are only men in the acting company—in some cases men playing women who play men. And, for what is said to be a Broadway first, period instrumentalists perform on stage. In both plays, Priscilla Smith Herreid (M.M. ’11, historical performance) plays wind instruments (including the shawm, dulcian, curtal, sopranino rauschpfeife, recorder, and bagpipes) and Sam Budish (B.M. ’11, M.M. ’13, percussion) takes care of the drums, tambourine, and Baroque tympani.


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