Action-Packed Orientation

The exuberant orientation chairs and leaders were raring to go on move-in day.

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Juilliard Orientation

The exuberant orientation chairs and leaders were raring to go on move-in day.

Riley O'Flynn
Juilliard orientation

One of the highlights of orientation each year is the Circle Line cruise, which introduces newcomers to an alternate view of New York City—and classmates to each other.

Sabrina Tanbara

More than 300 new students arrived at Juilliard in late August. Many were wide-eyed newbies, many were seasoned Juilliarders who’d gone through other programs here. Many came from far afield—of the total 888 students, 104 are international. Others had gone to high school across the street.


All were welcomed by this year’s four orientation chairs and 20 orientation leaders, some of whom had been toiling—along with the Office of Student Affairs staff—throughout the summer to prepare the way for the newcomers and help them ease into life at 60 Lincoln Center Plaza.

The orientation program had lots of elements that would be familiar to freshmen from years back. There were tours to be taken, IDs to be acquired, forms to be filled out (and more and more and more forms), and mixers to attend. One difference this year was that a series of videos was designed to get a lot of questions answered before students arrived, thus freeing them up to jump more readily into college life. 

The theme was #CaptureTheMoment, and before long photos that did just that started showing up on Instagram and Pinterest as the photographers started settling in to their new lives. Games and karaoke and carnival and the hypnotist were all captured as was the annual Circle Line cruise. Students also kept busy with scavenger hunts, raffles, placement tests, Hudson River kayaking for the stout of heart, outings to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Guggenheim, bowling, a Mets game—in short, it was a crazy-busy start to a crazy-busy year. Here’s hoping it will be a great one!

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