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Any of us would agree that the classical music industry is on a major cusp and that those of us who are in the industry need to figure out some things fast. Sure, we’re all trying to do our best and thinking individually, but we can only reach a convincing consensus if we put our heads together and get a discussion going not just about opera but also about classical music in general. Interested in being a part of that discussion? Tune in to Operative, a new podcast/think tank that will be available for download (through iTunes or your preferred platform) starting October 1. Not familiar with podcasts? They’re kind of like radio shows, but they automatically download to your device and can be accessed whenever you want.

Lachlan Glen
(Photo by Jordan Chaplecka)


Among the industry personalities who are participating in Operative are sopranos Renata Scotto and Carol Vaness; Ken Noda (Pre-College ’78; BM ’82, piano), musical assistant to James Levine (MS ’72, orchestral conducting), music director of the Metropolitan Opera; factotum della città Matthew Aucoin (Graduate Diploma ’14, composition), and director Mary Birnbaum (faculty 2011-present). Firsthand stories will be told by all, and we will revel in the legacy of legendary stars such as Luciano Pavarotti. You’ll hear the personal thoughts and opinions of guests ranging from experienced industry leaders to startup developers (such as Groupmuse), with everyone reinventing models and answering questions. What’s the general consensus when it comes to our path forward as an industry? Let’s jolly well find out!


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