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Remembering Members of the Juilliard Community

Juilliard has been notified about the deaths of the following community members; our condolences to their loved ones.



Helene Edson Reiter Frieland (BS '44, flute)
Maurice Hinson ('50, piano)
Theodore Karp (Diploma '45, piano)
Thomas Lee McIntosh (BS '61, piano, MS '63, piano)
Norman Charles Pickering ('37, French horn)
Lucille Naugle Ringler (BS '52, voice)
William Bennett Slocum (Diploma '61, French horn)
Georgette Geraldine Crochiere Thomas (Diploma '52, voice)
Robert Edward Yeager ('49, voice)

Faculty and Staff

Pierre Boulez (guest conducting faculty 1972-75)
Gilbert E. Kaplan (Evening Division faculty 2000-15)


H. Paul Bley
Maurice J. Bendahan
Rachel Mintz Golding
Marjorie Gordon
Billie Allen Henderson
Kurt Masur
​K.C. Rowland

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