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Martha Hill Memory

I'm backed up on reading Juilliard Journals but recently came across a Time Capsule in which to my surprise one of the students was me. It's from September 2014 and is a photo of Martha Hill (the founding director of the Dance Division; faculty 1951-95) at an alumni dinner given in honor of the graduating class in 1959. In the November 2014 issue, Helene Cohen Breazeale (BS '59, dance) identified Betsy Dickerson (Diploma '59, dance) and Lenore "Judy" Latimer (BS '59, dance). I can identify more. Here's the lineup from left to right around the table starting with Hill: Dickerson; me; Sandy Olin (BS '59, dance); Jere Michael (not a student, danced briefly with José Limón [faculty 1951-72], became my husband for eight years), and Latimer.

Martha Hill and Juilliard grads 1959

Left to right starting with Hill: Betsy Dickerson (Diploma, '59, dance); Jane Laughlin McLaughlin (Diploma, '59, dance); Sandy Olin (BS '59, dance); Jere Michael; Lenore "Judy" Latimer (BS '59, dance). 

(Photo by Ray Pierce)


When I can find the time, I love reading The Journal. It's exciting to see the extraordinary growth and artistic development that Juilliard has achieved through the years. If I could go back in time I would go through the Juilliard experience again and again. —Jane Laughlin McLaughlin (Diploma '59, dance)

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