Grants Fuel Summers of Giving Back

Community Engagement

Summer looks like anything but tanning and volleyball for a lot of Juilliard students. Many take part in summer festivals and programs but for those craving something a little less structured and off the beaten bath, Juilliard Community Engagement Grants help Juilliard students engage in local, national, and international service projects. Here are the stories of three groups who worked with children all over the world.

Austin Reynolds

Austin Reynolds

By the final days, the boys who on day one stood with their arms crossed in the back ...More

Angela Falk

Hannah Rose Caton

Riley O'Flynn

Lack of access to the arts is a huge barrier for many students—we hoped to help crack it ...More
Ariel Horowitz and Leerone Hakami

Leerone Hakami

Ariel Horowitz

We wanted to offer our skills while learning from and advocating for the Navajo community, so we strove ...More