Alumni Center Stage: The Economy

The recent economic tsunami probably unnerved even the most stalwart of “glass half-full” types. And, admittedly, when my colleagues suggested that we explore the possible “upsides” of last fall’s economic turmoil in the 2010 edition of Center Stage, I was sure that this topic would be the last thing any of us would want to read about. I doubted there really were any silver linings in the crisis and thought that by 2010, all the stories that were worth printing would have been published. Please, please read on. This year’s Center Stage transcends stories of the travails of artists in tough times. Rather, it speaks to qualities that the arts instill in all of us that are so basic and yet so essential—in good times and bad. Qualities that make artists (practicing or not) and their art not simply a part of our society, but the reason for it.

Jamée Ard, Director of National Advancement and Alumni Relations

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