Alumni Center Stage: Entrepreneurship

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Can artists be entrepreneurs? Should artists be entrepreneurs? Must artists be entrepreneurs? These are some of the questions that motivated this year's edition of Center Stage, which was inspired by Juilliard’s yearlong focus on entrepreneurship. Throughout this issue of The Journal, you'll find go-getters, dreamers, reluctant entrepreneurs, avid entrepreneurs, people who are pursuing their art, and people who aren't. Their business might be their entire focus or a sideline. They do their work to pay the rent, to help others, to finance dreams. In some ways it comes down to what one alum—who hesitates to call herself an entrepreneur—describes herself as: "an artist who keeps refining and moving forward, following my heart and feeling a passion for whatever I do." We hope that as you read these stories, you'll find your inspiration—and perhaps even tell us about it!

Sing For Hope

Margaret Shakespeare

The Juilliard campus is abuzz with the theme of entrepreneurship this year; these alums have already embraced it.More
Christina Conroy

Susan Jackson

Christina Britton Conroy (Pre-College ’67) didn’t plan to be an entrepreneur. “I just set out to make a ...More
Adam Driver

Molly Yeh

Maybe you know Adam Driver from HBO’s "Girls," maybe from "Look Back in Anger," or maybe from his ...More
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