Alumni Center Stage: Families

Since Juilliard’s forerunner, the Institute of Musical Art, opened its doors, families have been a strong force at the School—among the first students to enroll in October 1905 were sisters Mary and Jeanette Crabtree, who both studied the piano for three years. It’s not surprising: family ties are potent enough to direct many of the decisions we all make, and sharing a passion for the arts with a parent, sibling, or spouse may add deeper meaning and depth to the pursuit. Inevitably shared passion soon extended beyond the practice rooms and rehearsal studios, leading to the first Juilliard couples—and, eventually, to Juilliard children and grandchildren. This year’s edition of Center Stage is dedicated to the families that have not only shared Juilliard but also the mysterious combination of qualities and experiences that make a performer.

Jamée Ard (D.M.A. ’94, voice) is the director of national advancement and alumni relations

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