Alumni Center Stage: Global Arts

You’ve heard the term bandied about: “Global Arts.” But what does it really mean? In this year’s Center Stage, our special annual alumni section, we talk to Juilliard alumni who strive for a universal perspective in their art and in their outlook. Read what they have to say in Embracing Multiculturalism by Margaret Shakespeare.

Margaret Shakespeare

Ana Valdes-Lim uses a metaphor about small boats in the ocean when she talks about performing arts throughout ...More

Mahira Kakkar

To capture the essence of a person is a difficult thing. What is arresting about Eunice Wong (Drama, ...More

Heike Currie

One of George Quincy’s boyhood pastimes was to stretch out in a bed of grass and lose himself ...More

Emily Regas

One has only to speak to Peter London (Diploma ’87, dance) for a moment to sense a dignity ...More