Alumni Center Stage: The Medicine Issue

Looking through a list of Juilliard alumni and the varied paths their lives have traveled, it was astonishing to learn how many are involved in the healing arts. We wanted to find out if alumni who made these choices were diverging from their original career goals or merely augmenting their initial intent. In some cases, working with the body seemed a natural extension—a dancer moving into physical or massage therapy when a performing career is no longer viable or desired, for instance. But what about all those who earned additional degrees and became doctors or nurses? Weren’t we always told that science and performing arts are two different sides of the brain and that people are usually blessed with proficiency in only one? The stories of these alumni (and some faculty members) illustrate that “art” has encompassed not only performing but also the special talent that gives one human the desire and ability to heal another.

—Jamée Ard, Director of National Advancement and Alumni Relations

Paul Kwak

Margaret Shakespeare

Examples of the overlap between performance and medicine occur as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. More
Samuel Chang

Cory Robertson

For some Juilliard graduates, there was an “aha” moment at which they decided to pursue another career. For ...More

Susan Jackson

For Pre-College alumnus Jourdan Urbach, the intersection of medicine and music was the ability to help other people. ...More