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Do you have any pre-performance rituals?


I definitely use the facilities. I have to empty myself ...
I know that I have to go through the dance in my head.  — Scott McCabe, second-year dancer



I usually pick a song for the character and listen to it and dance a lot. — Betty Gabriel, first-year actor




Yoga and vitamin C to feel fresh and alive. — Tobias Greenhalgh, fourth-year singer


I always have to do the one part that gives me trouble.  — Lindsey Harwell, second-year dancer


I don’t know how to describe what I do. I just mentally prepare for the music. — Yale Work, third-year pianist


I just stay calm. Vocal warm-up. Alexander Technique. Brush my teeth. — Alex Sharp, first-year actor


I run around as fast as I can until I’m tired enough to not be nervous.  — Liz Derham, third-year violinist



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