Orchestra Behind the Scenes, Public Forum, Gala Wrap-Up

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Fabio Luisi

Fabio Luisi leads the Juilliard Orchestra.

(Photo by Eric Mann)
Fabio Luisi

Find out what's behind the concert.

(Photo by Eric Mann)


Juilliard Inside Look—Journey from the rehearsal room to the concert hall with the Juilliard Orchestra and guest conductor Fabio Luisi, who led the ensemble on March 24.

Juilliard Public Forum: Character, Culture, and Diplomacy—This on-demand video captures President Polisi’s chat about the arts and current affairs with Admiral James Stavridis and New York Times columnist David Brooks. 

Snapshots—quickie interviews including Jazz Studies faculty member Elio Villafranca on improv in New York, Juilliard Global Ventures' Betsie Becker on special summer plans, and drama alum Nick Choksi on a star-studded “pinch me” moment from his
student days, plus a salute to—and reflections from—cello department chair and outgoing Juilliard String Quartet member Joel Krosnick.

Gala Wrap-Up—Find out about the dazzle that was the 2016 Juilliard Gala including photos and interviews with special guests.

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