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Who's in This Mystery Photo?

Front row: Margaret Pocsik (B.M. ’66, piano), Helen Benham (M.S. ’65, piano), and Raieff. Seated at far right is Diana Duffin Belland (B.S. ’68, piano).

Center row, from second from left: Michael Rubin (’73, piano), Eddie Rabin (B.M. ’68, M.S. ’69, piano), and Kent Brosveen (Diploma ’67, piano).

Top row, from second from left: Richard Riggi (B.M. ’71, M.M. ’73, piano), Theodore Marangos (B.M. ’69, piano), Thomas Uchtmann (B.S. ’67, piano), and George Schlein (Diploma ’69, piano).]

 (Photo by Frank Donato, Impact Photo)

Josef Raieff ('32, piano; front row, center) was on the College Division piano faculty for a whopping 55 years (1945 to 2000); he also taught in Pre-College in the early 1990s and in the Summer School (1945-52). We’re guessing this happy group posed with him in the 1960s, but we’re not sure. If anyone recognizes the students who aren't identified in the photo, please e-mail us at


[The answers now appear in the caption. Many thanks to the following alums for contacting us: Karen Faust Baer (B.M. ’71, M.M. ’72, piano), Helen Benham (M.S. ’65, piano), Anita Rae Garriott (B.M. ’70, clarinet), Margaret Pocsik (B.M. ’66, piano), Eddie Rabin (B.M. ’68, M.S. ’69, piano), Richard Riggi (B.M. ’71, M.M. ’73, piano), and Michele Saxon (B.M. ’69, M.S. ’72, double bass.]

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