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Who's in This Mystery Photo?

Can any readers identify the dancers in this 1998-99 movement class? If so, e-mail us at or call (212) 799-5000, ext. 340. For the answers, check out the April Missing in Caption.

(Photo by Jessica Katz)


As for the February Missing in Caption: “That’s us playing a Brahms quartet. Must be over 20 years ago,” wrote Anna Kim Kazepides (B.M. ’87, M.M. ’89, violin). The cellist in the photo is Maria Kitsopoulos (Pre-College ’83; B.M. ’87, M.M. ’89, D.M.A. ’97), now a member of the New York Philharmonic; the violist is David Harding(B.M. ’87), professor of viola and chamber music at Carnegie Mellon; the pianist is Jamie Parker (M.M. ’87, D.M.A ’92); and the violinist is Kazepides, the principal second violin with the Phoenix Symphony.  

Thanks to Kazepides and also to Victor Kioulaphides (M.M. ’86, double bass), Holly Mentzer (B.M. ’86, M.M. ’87, flute), Beata Moon (B.M. ’90, piano), Jack Schatz (M.M. ’85, trombone), and Lisa Sinden-Gottfried  (B.M. ’87  viola) for contacting us.


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