Message From the President

The beginning of a new school year brings with it high expectations, excitement, and a certain level of personal trepidation. However, I can promise you all that Juilliard’s 2011-12 academic year will provide educational, artistic, and social experiences that are truly unique for a school dedicated to teaching the performing arts on a professional level. You will experience some of the world’s great teachers in your specific discipline, as well as performances by your colleagues that will show you how the arts can be a powerful vehicle through which we can better understand our humanity.

Joseph Polisi
(Photo by Christian Steiner)


I urge all members of this exceptional community to partake in the more than 700 performances the School will present this year in drama, dance, and music. The joy, artistry, discipline, and energy that come from these performances are an inspiration for us all.

It is my hope that our students, especially those new to the School this year, will fully immerse themselves in the life of this great institution and explore the many opportunities that exist here to present one’s art to diverse audiences outside the walls of our building. You will find that Juilliard’s outreach programs will enhance your appreciation of your art and also help you develop a better understanding of the audiences who are touched by your communicative spirit.

I wish you all a year filled with satisfaction, challenges, and personal revelations as we all work to make the performing arts an essential part of our societal fabric.

—Joseph W. Polisi

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