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If you were elected mayor of New York City, what would your priorities be?


Gemma Freitas
One would be to create a subway system that’s cleaner and more enjoyable to ride. Also, I would continue to support and expand the funding for the arts.
Gemma Freitas, Third-Year Dancer


Keiran Cambell

I would attempt to improve the quality of education in N.Y. public schools and also address the extremely high dropout rate. In addition, I would try to find a way to make the city smell less like bagels and pee.
Keiran Campbell, Third-Year Cellist

Luke Sellick

Less wastefulness! Why is it that when you buy food in N.Y.C., it comes wrapped in wax paper inside of a Styrofoam box inside of a plastic bag inside of a paper bag? That’s ridiculous. Also, free hockey tickets for Canadian students.
Luke Sellick, Second-Year Master’s Jazz Bassist

Mitchell Kuhn

If I were mayor of N.Y.C., I would make the local government a Utopian model of communication, collaboration, efficiency, justice, and free Wi-Fi.
Mitchell Kuhn, First-Year Oboist

Laura LeVoir

I’d probably attack the whole budget/high cost of living thing since it seems to be a pervasive problem among the general population of N.Y.C. As an artist, I would be remiss if I didn’t address the significant diminishing of arts education in our schools.
Laura LeVoir, Fourth-Year Vocalist

Justin Barnes

I’d make it my priority to triple the number of trees. Buildings are beautiful and bountiful, but nature needs to be the sight to see.
Justin Barnes, Third-Year Actor

Jeremy Rhizor

I’d work with the M.T.A. to expand service and make the subway stations less disgusting. I’d also create a joint law-enforcement/citizens commission with a mandate to develop and implement policies that would enable local police to keep the peace while eliminating invasive and less-than-ethical practices like stop-and-frisk.
Jeremy Rhizor, Second-Year Master’s Baroque Violinist

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