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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:


Allan Blank (’47, orchestral conducting)
Jack W. Chaikin (’42, piano)
Elizabeth Phalen Chauncey (’32, violin)
Darrold V. Hunt (B.S. ’70, M.S. ’71, choral conducting)
Max I. Larsen (B.S.’50, voice)
Leo Lisker (’38, clarinet)
Josephine Miller Lott (Diploma ’48, voice)
Eugene R. Mancini (’60, piano)
Mary Ella Whitney McKinney (’56, violin)
Wilson O. Moorman (B.S. ’65, M.S. ’66, percussion)
Walter Nowick (Diploma ’50, piano)
Malcolm R. Rainey (B.S. ’51, trumpet)
Estelle T. Jiavas Skouras (B.S. ’60, M.S. ’61, voice)
Conrad Susa (M.S. ’61, compositon

Jack D. Litwack
Douglas Lowry
Samuel C. Miller
Cecile Mitchell

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