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Who's In This Mystery Photo?

In each month’s Missing in Caption feature, we print a mystery photo from our Archives, and we hope our readers will help us identify it. 

(Photo by Herm Nathan, Graphic House, Inc.)


This month’s photo features a musical that was presented on June 25, 1953. Yes, back in the day, Juilliard students—and sometimes faculty members—periodically put on musicals, just for fun. Can any of our readers identify the production or the participants in the photo above? Or do you have memories of another Juilliard musical to share? If so, please e-mail us at or call us at (212) 799-5000, ext. 340. Thanks!

In September, we published a photo of some rockin’ drama students from the ’70s. Norman Snow (Group 1), Nathaniel Robinson (Group 3), and Nita Angeletti (Group 3) each contacted us and identified (with varying degrees of certainty) some of the people in the photo. They are, from left, Margo Harley, Drama Division administrator; Tommy DiMastri (Group 2); Lee Stevens (Group 3); (none of the correspondents could identify the woman in the polka-dot shirt); David Kousser (Group 3); Todd Davis (Group 3); and Kathy Heaney (Group 3). Robinson said the guy with the back to his camera might be Matthew Bullock (Group 3); Angeletti said it might be Jim Harper (Group 3). Snow said it might be Jim Michalski (Group 2), and also wrote, “The event looks a lot like party being held in one of the third-floor studios. We had a few of those every year in those long-ago days—recorded music, dancing, drinks, and snacks.”

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