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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:


Virginia French Burkhart (’52, piano)
Anthony Cataneo (’44, trumpet)
Gianna D’Angelo (formerly Jane Angelovich) (’48, voice)
Janet McInnes Deschere (Diploma ’42, voice)
Solomon Flum (Diploma ’50, saxophone)
Dolores Mittler Fredrickson (’59, piano)
Audrey Kupperstein Hammann (’46, piano)
Sarah Knapp Kidd (M.M. ’11, orchestral conducting)
Rose A. Fickas Taylor (’70, voice/opera)
Christopher J. von Baeyer (B.S. ’64, M.S. ’65, cello)

Faculty and Staff
Stephen Clapp (Pre-College ’56; M.S. ’65, violin)
Mary Ann Cureton
Jaye Miller Dougherty

Mildred Abelson
Julian Ander
Bert Bergenfield
Anna E. Crouse
Shirley F. Gordon
Ruth M. Hendlin
Thea Petschek Iervolino
David Klein
Julian Levine
Natalie Selinger
Ernest Ulrich
Robert W. Wilson

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