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Who's In This Mystery Photo?

In the May 2011 Journal we published a photo of two actors that came from a box of photos from Drama’s 1977 Brazil tour—but had no other identifying information. Juilliard’s archivist, Jeni Dahmus, figured out that the woman must be Lisa McMillan from Drama’s Group 6. Since we couldn’t be positive of the man’s identity, we marked him as “unnamed”—and a number of you came to our rescue! Janet Zarish (Group 5), Frances Conroy (Group 6), and Fritz Sperberg (Group 6) each contacted us to identify him as Dennis Bacigalupi (Group 6). 


We were so inspired that we decided to introduce a new feature: Missing in Caption. In each issue of The Journal we will print a mystery photo from the Archives, and we hope our readers will help us identify it. Can any of you name some or all of the people in the photo above—and also tell us what might have been going on in it? If so, please e-mail us at or call us at (212) 799-5000, ext. 340. Thanks! (For the answers, check out the October 2011 Missing in Caption.)

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