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In Memoriam for September 2015

Juilliard has been notified about the deaths of the following community members; our condolences to their loved ones.



Elizabeth Smith Alford (Diploma '43, piano)
Kerry M. Ben-David (BS '66, voice)
Miriam Brickman (MS '67, piano)
Clyde Cappon (BS '50, violin)
Samuel R. Cosby (BS '48, MS '50, voice)
Robert M. Hale (BS '51, trombone)
Saralee Konigsberg Halprin ('47, piano)
Mary Heerlein ('46, voice)
Bette Sprague Hopper ('42, violin)
Samuel E. Howard (Diploma '61, piano)
William G. Hug (Diploma '59, dance)
Jesse N. Kregal ('59, percussion)
Evelyn Andrews Kugler (BS '48, voice)
Barbara Bliss Martin ('50, piano)
Anthony G. Morreale (Diploma '50, clarinet)
Kenneth C. Newbern (MS '51, piano)
Dilys Demorest Peirce ('42, voice)
Thomas K. Pinto (BM '74, MM '75, trombone)
McNeil Robinson II (BM '70, organ)
Robert H. Roth (BS '53, composition)
Dudley E. Williams ('60, dance)


Maggie Black
Nico Castel
Mary Hinkson


Lillian Blatt
Latham C. Burns
James S. Marcus (trustee 1995-2015)
James D. Rosenthal
Richard D. Spizzirri (trustee 1967-94)
Joseph A. Surace
Gerda Taranow
John A. Torson

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