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Remembering Members of the Juilliard Community

Juilliard has been notified about the deaths of the following community members; our condolences to their loved ones.



David T. Abosch (BS '49, oboe)
Roderick F. Berg (Diploma '60, piano)
Elizabeth Bell Friou (BS '53, composition)
Betty-Jean Hagen ('54, violin)
Marjorie Landsmark-DeLewis ('48, piano)
Ida Levin (BM '82, MM '83, violin)
Kristin Miller Lindley (BS '62, MS '65, violin)
Nechama Ben-Ezer Naschitz (Diploma '59, piano)
Russell Keys Oberlin (Diploma '51, voice)
Eugene Shepherd ('43, violin)
Frances Lucia Wilbur Ware ('46, trumpet)
Foster L. Wygant (Diploma '42, clarinet)
Bernard Zaslav (Diploma '46, violin)

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