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Amy Roman
Assistant Controller, Payroll and Accounts Payable

Amy Roman was born on a farm in Wauseon, Ohio, and thanks to the blizzard of ’78, she spent her teenage years in Florida. After graduating from Fort Myers High School, she attended Edison College and the University of South Florida. Before coming to Juilliard, she was payroll manager at Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Amy Roman relaxing at home.

(Photo by Andy Roman)


How long have you worked at Juilliard, and what do you remember about your first day?
I’ve been at Juilliard for two-and-a-half years now, and I remember on my first day being taken to the basement for an ID tag and thinking I would never be able to find my way back out of that maze alone.

What job at Juilliard would you like to try out for a day and why?
I would be willing to try any job at Juilliard except for [Vice President for Facilities Management] Joe Mastrangelo’s—every time a fire alarm goes off, water leaks in the bathroom, someone’s too cold or someone’s too warm, he has to get involved.

What is the strangest or most memorable job you’ve ever had and what made it so?
I’ve never really had a strange job, but I did have a job during college where I had to make about 500 croissants a day—that’s been many, many years ago and I still can’t stand to eat them.

If out of the blue your boss said to take the day off, what would you do with your free time?
Take my English sheepdog Harry to the park for the day and let him run all he wants and perhaps we’d have an ice cream too.

Many Juilliard staff members are also artists.  Do you pursue any artistic endeavors?
I like to play piano, but I knew after my first lesson I didn’t have any talent for it. However, when I have time, I still like to try to sound out Beatles songs.

What other pursuits are you passionate about?
I enjoy reading horror novels, watching scary movies with my daughters, going on walks in the neighborhood with my husband, and gardening.

What was the best vacation you’ve had and what made that trip so special?
This past summer my husband and I took a vacation tour of presidents’ homes. We went to Monticello, Montpelier, and Mount Vernon. It was a great experience to learn more American history and what makes our county the great place that it is.

What is your favorite thing about New York City?
Staying in Brooklyn and avoiding the trains all weekend.

What book are you reading right now? Or what CD are you listening to?
I actually just had my husband hook up our old record player and have been listening to my old Bob Seger albums (for anyone born after 1984, ask your parents). I have been rereading Needful Things by Stephen King.

What might people be surprised to know about you?
There are 11 sets of identical twins in my family, so in 1991, when my doctor said I was having twins, it was no surprise at all.


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