Joseph W. Polisi

Joseph W. Polisi was named president of Juilliard in 1984.

Articles by Joseph W. Polisi

Following are excerpts from Juilliard President Joseph W. Polisi’s eulogy at alumnus Van Cliburn’s funeral.
An article recently appeared in The Juilliard Journal written by one of our doctoral students, Benjamin Laude, addressing Palestinian-Israeli issues. I read the article before ...
Juilliard president Joseph W. Polisi remembers the late Ralph Leach—mentor, wise counselor, and friend.
In its 103-year history, Juilliard has experienced innumerable challenges. In each instance, the School has emerged as a stronger and more resourceful institution.
One of Juilliard’s most generous benefactors, Rosemary Willson, passed away in Los Angeles on January 25, 2010.
In celebration of his 25th anniversary as Juilliard president, Joseph W. Polisi looks back on his years at the School. In 1984, when the 36-year-old ...
Longtime Juilliard board member and patron Mary Rodgers Guettel died on June 26, 2014.
Juilliard students: Have a year full of joy, creativity, idealism, whimsy, and intellectual as well as artistic growth.
Juilliard Board Chair Bruce Kovner talks with President Polisi about Juilliard, leadership, philanthropy, and globalization.
For new editions of Joseph Polisi’s book "The Artist as Citizen," he added an emphasis on entrepreneurialism and globalization.