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If you could have lunch with one composer or songwriter, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Mat Jodrell, Second-Year Master’s Jazz Student
Probably Stevie Wonder, ’cause his music has every element that I like. Harmonically, his compositions are amazing. And the substance to them is often deep. In terms of rhythm, harmony, melody, and social context, he’s on another level. I’d like to know where he starts when he’s writing.


Eva Gerard, Second-Year Master’s Viola Student
I would have lunch with Astor Piazzolla, because his music combines Latin elements with classical structures and I think it would be really interesting to talk about. We would have sushi.

Julia Eichten, Third-Year Dancer
Diplo—he’s a D.J. and a producer. I just think that he understands musicality so well, something that I’ve never heard in electronic music before. It’s still music without being just techno. He does mix tapes that are like things I’ve never heard. It’s very intriguing.

Jonathan Smith, First-Year Master’s Percussion Student
Beethoven, because his favorite food was mac and cheese! And we could go to that place Pinch and S’Mac on Columbus and 83rd.

Katie Wells, Fourth-Year Dancer
I’m really interested in the work Sufjan Stevens is doing right now, because I think he’s bridging worlds. I think he’s up to something and music is changing, so I’d like to have lunch with him.

Reported and compiled by first-year master’s viola student David Clausen and third-year percussionist Molly Yeh.

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