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If you could have President Polisi’s job for a day, what would you do?

Anna Royzman
(First-Year Master’s Piano Student)

I would get rid of that awful carpet in the lobby.


Hassan Anderson
(First-Year Master’s Oboe Student) 

I would establish a focus group of students from every discipline to address the concerns of the student body.

Hassan Ingraham
(Third-Year Dancer)

I would upgrade student housing. I would move us to Trump Towers on Riverside. I’d also set up a suggestion box.

Adrian Rosas
(Third-Year Master’s Voice Student)

I would close school for a day and pump up the intercom with club music and turn Juilliard into a five-story club.

Zack Tang
(Third-Year Dancer) 

I would arrange some type of performance where the entire school collaborates and tours to Europe.

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