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If you could nominate one person to receive an honorary doctorate from Juilliard, who would it be and why?

Liam Burke
(Third-Year Clarinet Student)

Conan O’Brien. He’s deserving of it. As a performer, he’s incredibly consistent. Also, he has good values; he dislikes cynicism, for example. I look up to him.


Alli Job
(First-Year Master’s Double Bass Student)

Caroline Kennedy. She has continued her family’s tradition of support for the arts, and specifically carried on the legacy of her mother’s love of the arts.

Armand Ranjbaran
(Third-Year Composition Student)

Kevin Conroy, because he is the definitive voice of Batman in the animated series in the ’90s. He’s awesome. He’s a great actor. He’s contributed a lot to the Batman mythos and the overall public perception of the character.

Andrew Stenvall
(First-Year Percussion Student)

Elliott Carter, for being 101 and coming to our Percussion Ensemble rehearsal of his new piece [Tintinnabulation].

Kyle Athayde
(Third-Year Jazz Student)

Paul Taylor. He’s awesome. He’s one of the … last true modern dance choreographers, and is still producing great work. He’s one of the few choreographers I’ve seen that uses Bach well. He’s so influential.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Elliott Carter and Paul Taylor received honorary doctorates from Juilliard, in 1992 and 1988 respectively.]

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