Kevin Kline appears as a guest speaker (1978); Serge Loussevitzky memorials (1962)

Alumnus Kevin Kline was a guest speaker in 1978.

 (Photo by Whitestone Photo)

The following events in Juilliard’s history occurred in March:


March 31, Robert Seitz’s play Let’s Build a Town, with music by Paul Hindemith, was performed at Juilliard by the Madison Square Boys’ Club. Ralph Matesky (Diploma ’31, ’34, violin) arranged the score for orchestra, and director George Lisitzky (also known as George List; Diploma ’33, flute) was responsible for the adaptation and pantomime.

March 16 and 23, Juilliard presented two concerts in memory of Serge Koussevitzky (faculty 1947-48) with music commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation. The first program featured Jean Morel (faculty 1948-71) conducting Edward Burlingame Hill’s Prelude for Orchestra, Walter Piston’s Symphony No. 6, and Bela Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra. The Juilliard String Quartet performed String Quartet No. 2 by William Bergsma (faculty 1946-63), Quintet for Piano and Strings, Op. 66, by Vincent Persichetti (faculty 1947-87) with Perischetti at the piano, and String Quartet No. 2 by Peter Mennin (faculty 1947-58, president 1962-83) in the second program.

March 10, Kevin Kline (Diploma ’72, drama) appeared as a guest speaker in the Drama Division.

March 14, members of the Central Ballet of China visited Juilliard after their New York debut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music—the first appearance by a Chinese troupe practicing a Western art form. Bai Shuxiang, associate director and former prima ballerina of the Central Ballet, spoke to Dance Division students, and representatives of the company demonstrated Chinese classical and folk dances. The Juilliard Dance Ensemble also presented excerpts of The Traitor by José Limón (faculty 1951-72) and New England Triptych by Michael Uthoff (Extension Division ’64, dance; faculty 1969-1970).

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