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In Memoriam February 2010


The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:

Ted Alevizos (’51, voice)
Georgette Clark (’47, trumpet)
Mary V. Curtis-Verna (’44, voice)
John W. DeLacy (B.S. ’52, M.S. ’55, piano)
John H. Dickson (’47, horn)
Mohan C. Dutt (’70, piano)
Walter Ehret (B.S. ’41, public school music)
Claude D. Fontanella (B.M. ’69, trumpet)
Dorothy H. Greiner (’38, voice)
E.G. Hesse (’48, voice)
Paul V. Holderbaum (’57, percussion)
Robert P. Horak (’41, violin)
Rose R. Kasin (’32, piano)
Roslyn Krotosky (’30, violin)
Sheldon Kurland (B.S. ’55, violin)
Ruth Lapidus (Diploma ’33, piano)
Anna M. Lee (Diploma ’47, piano)
Kurt Loebel (Diploma '43, violin)
Rhoda Manes (B.S. ’66, dance)
Lily McKinley (Diploma ’43, Postgraduate Diploma ’46, piano)
Thomas W. Merriman (’50, composition)
Sarah A. Phillips (’45, piano)
Mary S. Reed (’46, voice)
William H. Rose (’49, tuba)
Irene Schneidmann Nugent (Diploma, ’52, piano)
Ora Shiran (Diploma ’70, Postgraduate Diploma ’71, violin


Daniel Melnick
Jerry Spiegel
Rosemary Willson


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