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In Memoriam September 2014


The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:

Donald T. Bryant (M.S. ’48, B.S. ’47, piano)
William R. Diehl (’48, voice)
Patricia Dixon (B.F.A. ’73, drama)
Matthew W. Kennedy (M.S. ’50, Diploma ’40, piano)
Robert B. Lynn (M.S. ’52, organ)
Marjorie E. McGoldrick (’44, voice)
Zvi Mishory (Diploma ’54, violin)
Lynn Rasmussen Owen (M.S. ’58, B.S. ’57, voice)
George C. Quincy (M.S. ’62, B.S. ’60, piano)
Kenneth J. Schmidt (Diploma ’53, flute)
Robin Williams (’76, drama)
Louise H. Lester Wing (Diploma ’53, French horn)


Hyman Kleinman
Jeaneane Dowis Lipman (B.S. ’53, piano)
Patrick O’Brien
Joe Wilder
Mary Gayle Dowson Kalt (Diploma ’43, voice)

Licia Albanese
Christopher Essay
Abner J. Golieb
Mary Rodgers Guettel
Alan B. Mirken
Julius Rudel
Melville Straus
Andrea S. Walker

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