Rachmaninoff Recital at Juilliard (1931); Flentrop Organ Dedicated (1969); Rochberg's Symphony Premieres (1970); Dance Ensemble Fetes Mozart at 200 (1991)

1931 November 12, Sergei Rachmaninoff gave a recital in celebration of the opening of the Juilliard Graduate School’s building at 130 Claremont Avenue, directly adjacent to the Institute of Musical Art. The program included Beethoven’s Sonata in D Minor, Op. 31, No. 2; Chopin’s Sonata in B-flat Minor, Op. 35; and Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in F-sharp Minor, Oriental Sketch, and Variations on a Theme of Corelli.

Garth Fagan's Mozhops Mall

Members of the Juilliard Dance Ensemble in Garth Fagan's Mozhops Mall, set to excerpts from Mozart's Horn Concertos Nos. 3 and 4, both in E-flat Major. (Left to right) Jamie Norcini, Ranardo-Domeico Grays, Edward Lawrence, Solange Sandy, K. Jill Balzer, Victoria Anderson, and Severine Marquignon.

(Photo by Rebecca Lesher of Martha Swope Associates)


1969 November 10, faculty member Vernon de Tar gave an inaugural recital dedicating the new two-manual Flentrop organ in the large organ studio on the fifth floor of the Juilliard building. Mr. de Tar performed works by Frescobaldi, Schlick, Scheidt, Mozart, Jehan Alain, J.S. Bach, and Handel, with assistance by violinists Sylvia Davis and Muriel Moebius, violist Osher Green, cellist Donald Larson, double bassist Ronald Bozicevich, and oboists Marc Schachman and Steven Taylor. Dirk Flentrop of Flentrop Orgelbouw of Zaandam, Holland, was present for the dedication.

1970 November 24, Abraham Kaplan conducted the Juilliard Chorus and Theater Orchestra with the Collegiate Chorale in the premiere of George Rochberg’s Symphony No. 3, with soloists Joyce Mathis, Joy Blackett, John Russell, and Robert Shiesley. Commissioned by Juilliard, the work is scored for solo voices, chamber chorus, double chorus, and large orchestra. Also on the program were Strauss’s Don Juan and Bruckner’s Psalm 150, with Mathis as soprano soloist.

1991 November 8-11, the Juilliard Dance Ensemble presented a program of dances choreographed to the music of Mozart as part of the Mozart bicentennial at Lincoln Center. Diane Coburn Bruning’s No. 85 and Lynne Wimmer’s Tundra received their premieres, and the program also included Garth Fagan’s Mozhops Mall, Joan Woodbury’s Affectionate Infirmities, and Lisa Nowak’s Night Dances. At the performance, an intermission event was held in the Juilliard Theater lobby, featuring period dances reconstructed by Wendy Hilton and Elizabeth Aldrich.

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