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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:



Lester W. Berenbroick (B.S. ’51, M.S. ’52, organ)
William B. Curtiss (’47, trumpet)
Arnold Fromme (’48, trombone)
Anita L. Sixfin Gelber (Diploma ’44, piano)
Bertha A. Stuebs Knapp (Diploma, ’51, voice)
Joseph F. MacFarland (Diploma, ’41, organ)
Richard Peters (Pre-College, ’60, piano)
Peter J. Rosenfeld (’59, cello)
Miguel Salvador (M.M., ’82, piano)
Michael J. Yurgeles (B.S., ’58, violin) 

Former Faculty
Elliott Carter
Esther Labovitz

Geraldine Anderson
Shari DeMiskey
David H. Harris
Hans-Werner Henze
Margot W. Kohn
Robert Liebowitz
Edith Portano
Herbert Sommerfeld
Daniel Stern
Leland S. Zaubler

In the December 2012/January 2013 print edition of The Journal, Frederick J. Blum (B.M. ’79, M.M. ’80, piano) was erroneously listed in the In Memoriam column. Frederick is in fact alive and well; we regret the error.

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