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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community


The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:

Sydney Baker (Diploma ’39, Postgraduate Diploma ’40,  B.S. ’53, trumpet)
Blake Brown (B.F.A. ’72, dance)
Edgaldo A. Bruschi (Diploma ’48, oboe)
Hannah Danziger (’33, piano)
Louis J. Drakes (’42, trumpet)
Stanley L. Franck (’40, voice)
Lila A. Gordon (B.S. ’52, piano)
William R. Hargrove (B.S. ’50, M.S. ’51, piano)
Edward D. Hatrak (Diploma ’41, piano)
Daniel W. Hill (M.S. ’70, piano)
Jill W. Johnson (B.F.A. ’77, dance)
Alma Moreton (B.S. ’44, violin)
Margaret M. Ott (M.S. ’43, piano)
Arthur C. Staudigel (’48, double bass)
Michael M. (Marlin John) Sweeley (B.S. ’49, M.S. ’49, music criticism)
Forest P. Warren (’70, opera)
Craig M. Watjen (B.S. ’61, clarinet)
George David Weiss (’42, clarinet)
Jean Overman Whiton (’40, flute)


Former Faculty and Staff
Benjamin Lees
Barbara E. A. Holmquest Gotz (Diploma ’38, Postgraduate Diploma ’40, piano
Mary H. Smith

Claude Aguillaume
Joan Arnow
Himan Brown
Elaine Fabrikant
Norma W. Hess
Henry W. Jones
Bruce L. Kubert
Edith Levine
Edward F. Limato
Dorothy Lyon
William Parkinson
Judith D. Peabody
Liane Waite
Helge Westermann


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