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Tale of Two Chinas: A Letter

As an alumnus,  I always enjoy getting news about my favorite place, Juilliard. The May issue’s “A Tale of Two Chinas” really had my attention because my wife and I visited China in 1979.  I also enjoyed the interview with Joseph Polisi; however, I must differ with him regarding the value of protesting by boycotting China. Too often, with rare exceptions, people of the arts have not been willing to involve themselves in political action protests. Nazi Germany was a splendid example of what I call a superior case of reality denial, and look what happened there! The Barenboims, Fondas, Redfords, and other artists who have taken a stand by protesting may have hurt their careers, but in many cases they have achieved positive results for humanity.

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On a much lighter note: Dr. Polisi might have invited that great Secretary of State, Condi Rice, to be the piano soloist with the orchestra. Enough said!

Milton Fink (B.S. '48, double bass)

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