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Victoria Pollack's Busy Wednesday

Victoria Pollack

 (Photo by Ed Israel)

As a fourth-year MFA candidate, actor Victoria Pollack juggles all sorts of priorities. And in addition to her classwork, Pollack, who holds a Steinberg Fellowship, is the producer of the second Film Festival at Juilliard, an afternoon of student- and alumni-produced short films that takes place on December 4 in the Willson Theater. She recounted a Wednesday in October.


8:04am Roll out of bed and start making avocado toast with an egg so I get my daily protein fix along with a cup of coffee.

8:43am Emails emails emails. I send out some to folks involved with the film festival and draft letters to industry people for Meg Simon's audition techniques class. I'm writing to Riva Marker, a wonderful indie film producer I met in my MFA producing seminar last year.

9:44am Open a “Thank you for attending” email for Misalliance, the Shaw play my classmates and I just closed, and see a photo of myself in a split. Ha! Forward it to my mother for some morning laughs.

10:59am After 35 minutes of technology challenges at Staples, I finally have my headshots printed and in hand as I head to the subway and Juilliard.

11:16am My class with Moni Yakim was canceled, so I mosey over to the Y to do a little cardio and get an endorphin boost. I'm happiest when I'm moving.

1:11pm Grab a cup of tea and a couple of pumpkin Oreos from the Office of Student Affairs pumpkin event in the Student Lounge before meeting with oboe master's student Emily Beare, my co-teacher for the CLIMB [Combining Literacy Instruction with Musical Beginnings—a literacy and arts program for children] teaching fellowship. We're planning a Dvorˇák/set design class for Saturday. I can't wait to see this bunch of 8-year-olds geek out about the “New World” Symphony and watch clips of on- and off-Broadway designs.

1:38pm Read a letter from my mom—we still hand-write letters to each other and it's always nice to read (and write) a good old-fashioned snail mail letter.

1:58pm I make my way to a Colloquium class to talk with some awesome first-years about my experiences as a Marks Center [for Career Services and Entrepreneurship] grant recipient—my grant has facilitated the film festival, a trio of short films, and the supplementary dance classes I take. I'm very grateful and loved hearing from first-years about their ideas and initiatives!

3:07pm Prep for my film festival production meeting—reviewing correspondence with our filmmakers, advisors, and producers, retallying the run time, going over my questions for production, etc.

4:03pm I finally take a seat in the Willson Theater surrounded by a production crew; student and alumni filmmakers; Barrett Hipes, the director of the Marks Center; and James Gregg, the production activities manager of the Drama Division to discuss logistics for the film festival. It was so wonderful to see everyone seated around the table after several months of preparation. I cannot wait to share this collection of endearing, funny, and experimental projects with the community—check it out!

4:30pm Rush to Room 312 to join the rest of the Drama Division for a surprise engagement celebration for admin Lindsey Alexander. I make it to the balloon-filled room with minutes to spare—and then grab a slice of celebratory cake and chat with Alexander Technique teacher Carolyn Serota.

5:45pm Sugared-up, I have some real food to hold me over for the rest of the evening. I'm obsessed with spaghetti squash this time of year. Add a little ground turkey and marinara—easy meals for the week.

6:03pm Wriggle in a little last-minute rehearsal in 312 for my cri de coeur/cry of the heart assignment for our professional class with the New York Theatre Workshop's casting director, Jack Doulin. I'm bringing in some Thornton Wilder—I love him so! Especially his novella The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

8:34pm Bathroom break mid-Jack Doulin's class. While gulping some water and grabbing a snack during a break in the class, I take a moment to reflect on the cri de coeurs my classmates shared in the first half of class. My mates brought in some exquisite cries—Pablo Neruda, How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran, “To Dream the Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha.

10:04pm Finally out of class, I grab my stuff before heading to the subway while listening to my Irving Berlin Pandora station in search of material to bring to my singing class with Deb Lapidus later in the week.

10:32pm Home at last, I pack my meals for tomorrow and catch up with my roomies.

11:50pm Putting the finishing touches on some materials for the film festival: sending deadline reminders to our filmmakers for the proper audio/video requirements, drafting a save-the-date, and mocking up the program. Then I check out the Steps on Broadway schedule and decide to take contemporary dance class there with Marijke Eliasburg on Friday. Off to bed—soon!

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