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Who's In This Mystery Photo?

Who are the students in this 1960-61 ballet class? And what’s that notation on the chalkboard? If you have an idea, let us know at (212) 799-5000, ext. 340, or at


Several of you wrote in about who’s who in the May Missing in Caption photo, which featured Robert Ward teaching an L&M class at some point between 1946 and 1955. Donald Portnoy (B.S. ’55, violin), wrote, “After close examination of the photo, I have determined that I am the young man sitting at the end of the front row, next to a female student with a white bow in her hair.” Victoria Stewart (’70, violin) thought that the woman in the front row, second from the right might be Fredell Lack Eichhorn (Diploma ’43, violin), but Lack, as she is known professionally, doesn’t seem to have overlapped at Juilliard with Ward. 

Regarding the April Missing in Caption photo, which included a young Van Cliburn (Diploma ’54, piano) front and center, Karl Goldstein (B.M. ’68, M.S.’69), wrote, “My teacher, Alice Shapiro (Certificate ’47, piano), who studied with Rosina Lhévinne (faculty 1925-76), was at Juilliard with Cliburn, and I think she is the woman whose head is just to the left of Cliburn’s. Hard to tell for sure.”

Thanks to all of you for contacting us! Do these answers jog any memories? Let us know at (212) 799-5000, ext. 340, or at

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