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Who's In This Mystery Photo?

This photo from the Archives was labeled “Juilliard Pre-College + Creative Study, 1972.” Can any of you tell us who the subjects are or what they’re doing? Let us know at (212) 799-5000, ext. 341, or at


Thanks to the following dance alumnae for being in touch about the September Missing in Caption photo of ballet students from the 1960-61 school year: Mary Barnett (Diploma ’65), Libby Nye (B.S. ’64), Diane Gray (’63), and Kelly Hogan (B.S. ’64). The dancer at the back of the room is Carole Johnson (B.S. ’63) and the one at the front is Francesca Meunier (’62). The middle dancer was identified as either Linda Shoop (’63) or Gerre Houlihan (’64).

Hogan also wrote, “The classroom was Studio 101 in the old Juilliard, I think, because of the Labanotation staves on the blackboard. I’ll bet it was a class of Margaret Craske [faculty 1951-66].”

Anyone else what to chime in? Get in touch with us at (212) 799-5000, ext. 341, or at

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