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What is your favorite rite of spring?


Anna Lester
My favorite thing about spring is when outdoor music shows start happening again. And as a Florida girl, I’ll probably throw a party to celebrate when it’s warm enough for flip-flops.
Anna Lester, First-Year Master’s Baroque Violinist


Solana Temple
I love seeing new life bloom transforming the dull gray winter into vibrant colors—and putting my coat away into storage.
Solana Temple, Third-Year Dancer

Last year I experienced my first real spring—in Michigan—after growing up in Miami, where the seasons never change. I would take my bass case outside and lay in the sun every day. 
Sebastian Zinca, First-Year Bassist

Aekyung Kim
After a long and freezing winter, I love finally being able to go for a run in Central Park and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and scenery.
Aekyung Kim, Second-Year Violist

Soyoung Choe
In Korea, the school year starts in March so I always associate the spring with a fresh beginning of a new year.
Soyoung Choe, First-Year Master’s Pianist

Shaquille Southwell
I love spring because it’s warm, it rains often, flowers bloom, and birds tweet in the morning.
Shaquille Southwell, Third-Year Clarinetist

Sirena Huang
Getting the chance to be outside and sometimes busk at Central Park with friends.
Sirena Huang, Second-Year Violinist

Daniel James
Going boating in Central Park.
Daniel James, Second-Year Master’s Flutist

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