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Facebook Is the Catalyst

Of course Facebook can be a mindless time-waster, but it can also be a powerful networking tool as two drama alums from different generations discovered. Anthony Wofford (Group 38) is the C.E.O. of Convergent Theater Company in San Antonio, Tex. Jesse Wilson (Group 24), a writer and actor based in Colorado Springs, Colo., wrote Face the City, a one-man motivational show that integrates rock, theater, and live animation to tell the story of a young man whose dreams are realized when he’s accepted at Juilliard—and then shattered when a friend commits suicide. (He’s also written a novel based on the theme called Faces on My Wall.)

Wofford and Wilson

Anthony Wofford (Group 38) and Jesse Wilson (Group 24)


The two met on the Drama Alumni Facebook page last year, and Wofford told The Journal that the projects they were working on, “which are deeply personal and had nothing to do with each other originally, connected us and sparked a plan to help each other bring our projects to broader audiences.” Convergent presented Face the City in February and at Stanford (June 22-27), Pepperdine (June 7-July 12), and Barnard (July 27 - August 1) this summer.


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