April 2014, vol. 29, no. 7

Inspiration for Massenet’s Cendrion

Susan Jackson

Juilliard Opera’s production of Massenet’s “Cendrillon” eschews frou-frou for life in postwar France with magic provided by the ...More
Kara Chan Dancing

Kelsey Connolly

The New Orleans spring break outreach project represents what to me is the essence of Juilliard.More
Nicolas Namoradze and Philip Lasser
Musicians gain insight into performing through their composition class.More
Joel Sachs in Mongolia

Joel Sachs

Joel Sachs’s Mongolian experiences give him hope that this large, economically divided country can achieve unity through the ...More
June Hahn

Molly Yeh

The Juilliard Orchestra’s April 8 concert (Bartók, Jarrell, and Pintscher) is about beginnings that stretch musical expectations.More
Evan Rogister

Edward Sien

Evan Rogister is fascinated by the balance between projecting honest emotions without allowing that emotion to compromise technique.More

Victoria Murray Brand

Nearly all Juilliard students receive some sort of scholarship; nearly 50 were new or enhanced last year.More

Marie Daniels

Brooklyn Bowl, Carnegie Hall, and the Village Underground are preferred venues of Juilliard students.More
Anthony Lioi and Steve Cosson

Eric Harper

Steve Cosson, a leading contemporary voice at the intersection of drama and climate justice, spoke to students.More
Caldwell Davis Scholarship

Mike Truesdell

An encounter at the Juilliard in Aiken festival has led to a warm relationship—and a new percussion scholarship.More
Julia Bullock
Juilliard community members won Naumburg, Fisher, and American Academy of Arts and Letters prizes in March.More
Wofford and Wilson
Anthony Wofford and Jesse Wilson met on the Juilliard Drama Alumni Facebook page and began collaborating.More
Angie Zhang

Q&A With Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Who’s in This Mystery Photo?

The Myth of the Natural Singer

Sharon Isbin

Stephanie Gatton

Bruce Hodges

'Die Gezeichneten' ('The Stigmatized')

Peter Dugan

A Pianist’s Life

Greta Berman

Marville: Old and New Paris at the Met

The Latest on Faculty, Staff and Students April 2014

Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

Jiwon Kim

The J Factor