Avery Fisher Career Grants Awarded

 From left: Matthew Lipman, Simone Porter, Paul Huang, Kristen Lee, and Michael Brown.

 (Photo by Steve J. Sherman)

Each year, Avery Fisher Career Grants of $25,000 are awarded to up to five promising young artists. This year’s group, announced in March, includes four Juilliard alums. They are master’s students Paul Huang (Pre-College ’09; BM ’13, violin) and Matthew Lipman (BM ’14, viola) as well as Michael Brown (BM ’09, composition, MM ’11, composition and piano) and Kristen Lee (Pre-College ’04; BM ’08, MM ’10, violin). The fifth awardee is Simone Porter, who studies at the Colburn Conservatory. Each is currently working as a musician; the committee chooses recipients who are determined to have high potential for solo careers. Since the program began in 1976, 136 winners have been chosen. This year’s announcement was made following performances by the five winners, which were broadcast on WQXR. The awards were announced by President Joseph W. Polisi, who’s the chairman of the Avery Fisher Artist Program, along with Charles Avery Fisher and Nancy Fisher, the children of philanthropist Avery Fisher.


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