Musicians Play Ball!

Ten members of the Juilliard community were among the hearty players when the New York Philharmonic and San Francisco Symphony softball teams renewed their moribund rivalry in May. In the end the home team (the Symphomaniacs) prevailed, with a stunning 34-3 defeat of the Philharmonic Penguins.


It was the two orchestras’ third matchup: in 1981, the New Yorkers crushed the Californians, and in 1983, the Symphomaniacs trounced their cross-country rivals. To show there were no (or not all that many) hard feelings, the winners shared a prosecco toast and the Phil joined the San Franciscans for two concerts as part of the celebration of the West Coast orchestra’s centennial. 

Top row, from left: Oliver Theil, Michael Baker (B.M. ’99, M.M. ’01, trumpet), David Herbert (M.M. ’92, percussion), Zarin Mehta, Donato Cabrera,  Case Scaglione; Ethan Bensdorf, Carl Schiebler; Joo Young Oh (Pre-College ’00; B.M. ’05, M.M. ’09, violin), Carter Brey (former faculty), Joseph Alessi (trombone faculty), Alan Baer (tuba faculty), Mark Inouye (B.M. ’94, trumpet), Joliene Ford, and Jeff Anderson.

Bottom row, from left: Peter Kenote (M.M. ’81, D.M.A. ’88, viola), Sarah Knutson, Micah Wilkinson, Mark Nuccio; Roger Nye, Jessica Valeri, Robert Ward, Tim Higgins, and Michelle Kim.

Not pictured (though he did play) the Philharmonic music director and Juilliard’s director of conducting and orchestral studies, Alan Gilbert (Pre-College ’85; M.M. ’94, orchestral conducting).

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