September 2012, vol. 28, no. 1

Susan Jackson

A salute to British music since World War II, a Juilliard-Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artists Program co-production, a ...More
The sixth annual fall Playwrights Festival (September 6-9) offers a trio of comedies about defining oneself in contemporary ...More

Joel Sachs

The 20 years of New Juilliard Ensemble concerts have been marked by a constant stream of really superb ...More
Third-year trumpeter Gabriel Medd learned a lot when he started teaching at jazz camp.

Rachel Zaydak

“What is it in music, dance, or acting that carries you through time?” That is Zara Lawler’s burning ...More

Bärli Nugent

As entrepreneurship has become more of a focus at Juilliard, staff and faculty members have been meeting weekly ...More

K. Leander Williams

Jonathan Batiste plays a transplanted musician not unlike himself in "Treme," the hit HBO series about New Orleans.More
Juilliard Global, launched last year, is spreading its wings. In June, President Joseph W. Polisi announced that the ...More

Molly Yeh

The summer percussion seminar began in 1998 as a six-day workshop to help recruit college applicants and has ...More

ToniMarie Marchioni

Musical pioneer. Prolific composer. Piano virtuoso. Tireless proponent of new music. Globe-trotter. World-music advocate. Convicted felon. Henry Cowell ...More

Evan Fein

Earlier this year, publisher Schott Music commissioned 70 of its composers to create short piano works that were ...More
Third-year trumpeter Gabriel Medd learned a lot when he started teaching at jazz camp.

Joshua Simka

Vocal Arts students Joshua Simka and Robert May were in the pick-up chorus that gave the world premiere ...More

Virginia Allen

Juilliard recognizes that many of its music graduates will teach private lessons at some point in their careers, ...More
Ten members of the Juilliard community were among the hearty players when the New York Philharmonic and San ...More
We published a photo of a Literature and Materials of Music class taught by William Bergsma and asked ...More
Juilliard welcomes 10 new faculty members this fall.More
Rachel Zaydak

Zara Lawler: Flutist on a Quest for Connection

Who's In This Mystery Photo?

Paul Festa

Exploring the Transit Between Music and Other Art Forms

James Burton III

Edward Sien

Maria Im

Why did you start pursuing your art?

Bruce Hodges

2 Piano Faculty Members Show Their Chops

ToniMarie Marchioni

A New Graduate Steps Out

Greta Berman

The Jewish Museum Takes a Look at Edouard Vuillard Paintings

Jeni Dahmus Farah

McGraw-Hill Young Artists Showcase (1994)

The Latest on Faculty, Staff, and Students

Susan Jackson

Marvin Hamlisch 1944-2012

Susan Jackson

Ruggiero Ricci 1918-2012

Joseph W. Polisi

Bruce MacCombie 1943-2012

Jane Gottlieb

Robert Bailey, Faculty Member for 26 Years, 75

Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

Angela Contreras Reyes

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