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Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

The Juilliard community mourns the passing of the following individuals:


Stanford L. Adler (’40, voice)
Lois Beth Apel Rothman (B.S. ’56, violin)
Bob L. Bennett (M.S. ’47, piano)
Frank L. Biletzky (’42, music education)
Norman Cherry (B.S. ’52, trombone)
James L. Clyburn (M.S. ’58, piano)
James J. Concannon (Diploma ’48, trumpet)
Gloria Davy (B.S. ’53, voice)
Barry Finclair (’64, violin)
Daniel A. Gelfand (B.M. ’89, trumpet)
Stanislav A. Klinge-Loy (Pre-College ’09, violin)
Shieh Yih Lim (B.M. ’97, M.M. ’99, voice)
Jacob Maxin (Diploma ’57, B.M. ’67, M.S. ’68, piano)
Eleanor Siegel Pavlovsky (Diploma ’43, piano)
Neva Petrovich (B.M. ’76, M.M. ’77, oboe)
Ruth Seifert Phelps (Postgraduate Diploma ’45, organ)
Arthur A. Phillips (Diploma ’47, organ)
James A. Redding (M.S. ’54, composition)
Charles W. Rosen (Pre-College ’39, piano)
June A. Seeger Schlosser (’38, voice)
Egil S. Smedvig (B.S. ’46, composition)
Anthony A. Smetona (M.S. ’64, piano)
Robert M. Stevenson (’39, piano, composition; ’56, piano)
Elma V. Becker Swecker (’42, piano)
Rose Schiffman Tanner (B.S. ’50, piano)

Former Faculty
Hugh W. Aitken (B.S. ’49, M.S. ’50, composition)
Gordon A. Hardy (B.S. ’52, piano)
Murray Present (Diploma ’46, piano)

Mona R. Ackerman
Gayle Atkins
David Brubeck
Mary G. Burke
Michael M. Cohen
Evelyn De Piero
Jeffrey Koo
Charles I. Petschek
Sidney J. Pollack
Alice Kobler Straschil
Theresa B. Stuchiner
Galina Vishnevskaya


In the December 2012/January 2013 issue of The Journal, Frederick J. Blum (B.M. ’79, M.M. ’80, piano) was erroneously listed in the In Memoriam column. Frederick is in fact alive and well; we regret the error.

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