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What is one essential item that every Juilliard student needs?




Marcus Guy
A notepad and pen at all times because, unfortunately, our brains aren’t iPads; there’s a constant flow of information.
Marcus Guy, second-year actor

Raquel Gonzalez
Free food, because we’re poor and hungry.
Raquel Gonzalez, fourth-year Vocal Arts student

Nathan Mills

Thick skin! Just to deal with everyday life here.
Nathan Mills, first-year master’s oboe student


Matthew Jordell

Your instrument. I usually forget mine so I need to check to have it. I left all of my horns at a pub once.
Matthew Jodrell, second-year Artist Diploma jazz student

A really good mattress, because we work ourselves to death.
Bridget Pasker, third-year cellist

Stephanie Yu

Snacks, because you need to stay fueled to thrive rather than survive.
Stephanie Yu, first-year master’s violin student

Fiona Hoffman

Equal parts sanity and insanity, because we need to be professionals, but we also need to be able to take creative risks.
Fiona Hoffman, third-year dancer

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