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What are you wishing for this holiday season?


Rachelle Scott
Definitely more personal time with people I cherish, since I’m graduating this year. I feel like I’m losing my family sometimes.
Rachelle Scott, fourth-year dancer


Will Bender
A record player that can convert LPs to audio files on my computer.
Will Bender, first-year violist

Rebekah Johnson
I’m going on a huge audition tour, so I guess for my auditions to go well and for my body to keep up with the race.
Rebekah Johnson, fourth-year dancer

Morgan Jones
I’m wishing for everyone to smile more—and world peace.
Morgan Jones, second-year jazz student

Michael Marquez
Having fun with family and friends back home in Italy with good food.
Michael Marquez, first-year dancer

Andrea Syglowski
I’m wishing to go home to Philadelphia and be with my family and friends—and a million bucks.
Andrea Syglowski, third-year actor

Chloe Pang
I’m wishing to not be shoved off the sidewalk by New Yorkers by escaping to San Francisco.
Chloe Pang, second-year pianist

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